Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Radio Wars

All the family car trips in the last couple of weeks have brought back a lot of childhood memories.

One of the most dramatic element of car trips, both then and now, is the battle to control the radio. Since we've been here we've been doing a lot of flicking between stations to find ones that we like. Unfortunately, most of the pop stations could be described as 'Today's best mix of Victoria Beckham, the Sugarbabes, Robbie Williams and Westlife'.

We do have one definite critera which means a station is quickly dismissed. As Ben yelled yesterday 'Quick! a song dad knows, get it off!'.

Anyway, there is just one more long car trip. On Friday we're off to London and then the rest of my family will leave for the US a few days later. I can't wait to get to London and meet my friend Erin who will be down from Edinburgh at the weekend. She's spent a while working in London and she's the coolest person I know so I'm counting on her to inject some much needed excitement into this holiday!