Friday, February 27, 2004


It's been a week full of cultural enlightenment.

Most of all, I was fascinated to discover that a gap between the top front teeth is considered the pinnacle of beauty in Ethiopia. Many women actually file a gap away if they aren't naturally endowed with one.

Gaps are in for men too and so are hairy chests. They are considered lucky. Hearing that has helped me overcome the emotional anguish I've been suffering since Christmas when my sister gave me a bottle of 'Hair and Body Wash' and told me it would be 'perfect for a hairy body'!

In the meantime, I've also discovered that my naughtiest Cantonese teacher lied to me six years ago about how to say 'I miss you'. I should have expected that from someone who had me saying unmentionable things in restaurants when I thought I was ordering chicken dishes. Now I'm racking my brain to think of how many people I have said 'I want you' to over the last six years!