Thursday, May 06, 2004

My first cockroach

I was horrified several days ago to spot a cockroach in my room. It was one of the largest I have ever seen and I knew it must have come from amidst all the junk that my neighbours have stacked up against the wall along the common hallway.

I know they are a family of three but the amount of stuff they have there is ridiculous. It makes access a little difficult and it also doesn't smell good. I'm convinced that they've deliberately put all the smelliest shoes right outside my door.

It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't visible that they have unnecessary multiples of many household items. I still don't understand how three people can have nine umbrellas. Or how they can possibly need three brooms (there may be another in their room) for sweeping an apartment that is the size of the average Australian kitchen.

I whinged again to the real estate agent when I paid rent a few days ago. She kindly offered to buy me some cockroach traps and explained that she wants them out as much as me and the other tenants do. She even suggested that I call the fire department to complain about the obstruction in case of fire. I dismissed that idea but we're still trying to come up with something.

In other news, a man from the flat above mine was arrested this week. It was during the daytime and Nancy told me that four police entered and then came out after half an hour with the man in handcuffs.

Oh! and I'm going to Singapore tomorrow. I guess I won't be able to write again until after I get back on Monday night.