Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Ends and beginnings

I checked the common post box this morning to find a letter from the HK Housing Authority. It was addressed to the family who are storing all the junk in the hallway. Could they have been allocated public housing? I wait in hope...

Nancy told me a couple of days ago that she has decided to quit her job. I don't think she really needs the money and she's been complaining so much about sitting outside in the hot weather. Today is her last day and she's planning to retire in style. Her plans include:
- knitting a jumper (don't know how she's decided on that in this weather)
- going on holiday to Thailand (again!)
- cooking
- doing a computer course so that she can chat on the net to her son in Taiwan
Daisy and I are very upset about her leaving but Nancy has promised to return often. We know that she will because her boss owes her a lot of money.

Speaking of Nancy's boss, I've seen a lot more of her recently because she's been patrolling the doorway of her building around the spot where Nancy sits. The mainland girls have been encroaching on her turf and I've had the opportunity for learning a lot of rude language as she sends them scurrying back over to Shanghai St.

Finally, my new boss is starting today, a refugee lawyer from England. it's going to be good to have an expert around.

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