Thursday, August 05, 2004

It's getting yit in here...

I'm melting! Hong Kong summer is at it's peak and the air-conditioner at work died two weeks ago. If I hear one more 'Mr Joe, here very hot' I'm going to go crazy. True, at home I don't use air-con either. But at home I don't have several kettles, a toaster and a fridge running almost constantly. Nor do I have over twenty bodies sharing the room with me and complaining about the heat. Plus, this flat is second floor from the roof and gets a lot of sunshine.

Of course the problem is being acted on. Over ten emails on the topic have bounced around between our centre, our boss and the admin staff in the main office. Since I reported the problem the following people have been to check the machine:
- my boss
- the admin staff handyman
- the contractor of the landlady
- a representative of the air-con company (I think)

Unfortunately, each of these has come in, turned the air-con on, put their hand in front of the vent and then announced that it is broken (thank you!!). It's like a Cameroonian funeral where the body is left for viewing in the sitting room for a week for the whole village to come and say goodbye.

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