Thursday, March 24, 2005


Pip's 'only in HK' comment made me realise something. Most of the things which used to seem unusual don't even register on my weirdness radar any more. Yesterday I walked past one of the real estate shops that I went to when I was looking for my apartment. It may have been their experience with me which taught them that English speakers usually want multiple windows in their apartment. One sign read:

'One Room. Many Windows Can Cook Toilet'

Later in the evening I went to buy some fruit for this morning's breakfast at work. I always head to the market around closing time when the vendors are keen to flog the rest of their stock and go home. Lately I've had to be careful because I've developed loyalties to two rival fruit stalls. I was stupid enough yesterday to walk past one of the stalls after buying 25 apples at the other. One of the stall holders saw me walking past and shouted:

'What have you bought? Apples? How much did you pay? $20? You've made a big mistake! Our apples are only $5 for ten today!'

'Aiyaa. I didn't know' I said and the three stall holders all mimicked me in unison 'aiyaa, aiyaa, aiyaa, you didn't know, you've made a mistake la'. 'Will you have these apples tomorrow?' I asked. The young lady mocked me again as the old lady laughed. 'aiyaa, aiyaa. Tomorrow who knows. You should have bought them today la'.

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