Friday, November 11, 2005

Me=cat magnet

I've never been a cat person. So I can't understand why the three cats at work spend so much time crawling over me and my desk.

Yesterday the black kitten spent most of the day in my lap, getting up occasionally to chase my pen (as I wrote), walk across the keyboard or shuffle a mouse's head around my feet. I don't get a shock anymore when it jumps from the top of the filing cabinet onto my shoulder.

The big fluffy cat is less energetic. It slept all day next to my monitor, moving only slightly when I had to retrieve papers from underneath it's body.

The kitten's mother has decided that the top of my monitor is a good place to sit and survey the office.

If they're trying to convert me they're not doing a good job. The kitten had acheived some success but it blew it with the mouse.

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