Sunday, February 19, 2006


We did dim sum as usual today but changed to a restaurant in Chinatown proper. It was cheaper, more crowded and nobody was smoking. That gave it three advantages over the other place.

As usual there was complaining about London. Each of us have experienced a transition lately. We no longer expect things to work. We now expect things to go wrong and get surprised when they don't.

That paralleled something else that I have been thinking about this week. When I meet people for the first time I expect them to be crazy and then get surprised if I find nothing more than mild eccentricities.

Is that part of growing up? Or is it just the circles I move in? Meanwhile here is another picture of flowers. If anyone wants a sequel once they have started to rot then please let me know.


Frau Schinkeldinkeleinmeister said...

Vunders neffer cease, huh? Vee also found a fietnamese restaurant dat is semi-authentisch and zay efen amazinglz had a non-smoking sektion. But ze price voz like ze same numbers as in Australian dollars, just viss euros! That vill be ferry nice to do dim sum viss you in London, but I hope ze price is not the same numbers in pounds! Dat vould be krazy!!

I also now expekt people eferywhere to yell at me and tell me off for eferysing, and I am ferry surprised ven zay are friendly to me. I sink I am bekoming paranoid.

joe said...

Well done! Finding a good Vietnamese restaurant anywhere outside of Vietnam (and maybe Australia) seems to be very difficult. There's one near my work but it's more like a 'pan-Asian' ingesting room for MSG junkies. I had jasmine tea and it tasted of bleach.

Anonymous said...

the flowers are gorgeous!