Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter

And Bengali/Nepali/Tamil/Khmer New Year. Are there any others? If anyone understands the relation between all these new years I'd love to know.

Whatever the occasion, I'm feeling quite festive. I had friends over for an accidental passover meal on Thursday. Lamb was only cooked because of an enticing tv advert. But it worked out well.

Yesterday I went to a Good Friday service at a church that I've just visited once before. It was a nice service but quite morbid. The sermon was on 'Jesus death and ours' and the preacher was an older guy who talked on about how he wonders what his death will be like. Hmm.

And today I'm going on holiday to Paris from today until Tuesday. Yay! It's my first trip anywhere since coming to London which means I'm far behind other expat friends who seem to take a European 'city break' once a month. I guess I'll find out how much French I've absorbed from working with Congolese people for the last couple of years.

I'm leaving instructions for Winter to finish before I get back. It's been been really cold again this week. I've calculated that half of the year is a write-off in the UK due to miserable weather.


Knuffy's owner said...

Joyeuses Pâques! Have a great time in Paris!

I see you're becoming more and more "English" with your usage of "advert" rather than the Aussie "ad". Next thing you know you'll be using the word "poorly".

I think that 3/4 of the year is a write-off in Germany due to the miserable weather creating miserable people.

cal said...

The accidental passover meal was indeed wonderful despite my tardy arrival delaying its commencements by oh a good couple of hours!! How gracious of you not to mention that on this post - I shall therefore abase myself in the comments.

Hope Paris was fun.

joe said...

KO - It's when I say 'poorly' with three syllables that you should really start to worry. I needed you in Paris for language assistance! I also wanted to ask you why German tourists are so easy to identify - colorful weatherproof jacket, jeans, walking boots and backpacks? Incidentally, Australian tourists are just as easy to pick because they are so loud!

Cal - Thanks for coming over, the lamb seemed particularly moist after sitting an hour after cooking wrapped in foil so lateness is completely forgiven. It was so lovely to have a HK friend and a Sydney friend over for dinner!

Knuffy's Owner said...

Sadly, I think I have been somewhat Germanised. If you look carefully at the Spain and Portugal photos I sent you, you will notice that Frau und Herr Schinkeldinkeleinmeister are both sporting those colourful, waterproof jackets. They are not only common but almost essential here. Now that I've been sucked in by these wonderful, versatile jackets (the fabric is breathable and the inside has a removable fleece jacket) I can't ever go back to whatever I wore before.

But if I start doing the German socks-with-sandals thing, please book me a flight home asap!

The funny thing with the Parisians is that when they hear my miserable French they will spontaneously launch into English : )