Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I wasted too much time in school being good. Now that I'm a teacher I've realised that mischevious students are the most interesting.

We went to Kew again for an end of term excursion and I enjoyed staying quiet while my students had a bit of fun with the tour guide:

Now these ones are bananas.

Are you sure my habibi?

Yes, they are. And underneath the bananas you can see that we've put lots of manure. Does anyone know what manure is?

I know Manuel. He work with me.

Now, if you look in this direction you can see that there are Holme Oak trees along both sides of the path.

Homework trees?

No Holme Oak trees. And that tree over there will have beautiful flowers in July if you come back.

(in unison) Inshallah.

And over on that side you can see a cedar from Lebanon.

How did you get it? Did you steal it or did they give it to you?

I loved it. And I loved the plants too.


Cal said...

Hey Joe - don't know if you'll see this but I'm at Westbourne this afternoon (Fri). Give me a call if you fancy a post-work drink or a cycle back together.

I don't have your number in my new phone. Mine's still the same.

(Or I guess if anyone else reads this this afternoon and could text Joe and get him to call me that would work as well!!)

Joe said...


We went for a glass of wine in a posh cafe overlooking Little Venice and then almost became collateral damage when a teenager took refuge inside, pursued by a gang.

A couple of vases were thrown, one of which went straight past Cal's head and smashed on the wall behind. As the rose petals fluttered to the ground I felt I was in a beautifully shot action film.

I went home to cook fish and pulao and watch the episode of one of my favourite tv shows that I've been waiting months for. A perfect evening!