Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Fame at last!

On the heels of my Hollywood debut disappointment I have been thrust into the limelight through another equally glamourous medium!

If any of you noticed the latest 'Hong Kong Christian Times' (highly unlikely!) you would see me making my debut as a covermodel. The newspaper recently covered the opening of our centre and decided that we were exciting enough to be the cover story for the Easter edition.

Although I feature in the picture I don't get much of a writeup. Only a misquote which reminded me of a game of Chinese whispers.

I said 'Many asylum seekers may not come today because it's raining and they live in Hung Hom and don't have money to get a bus'

They wrote 'Many asylum seekers may not come today because they live on Hong Kong side and they will want to save money on their ferry fare'.

Advice of the day for reporters: record your interviews or at least take notes!