Friday, July 30, 2004

Kitty rage

MacDonalds here has started another Hello Kitty promotion. Kitties of various colours (the colours of summer) are available to those who pay eight dollars extra on top of a meal. Along with the kitties, employees are wearing t-shirts saying 'Don't you just love Summer?' Probably not that much, considering the strength of the air-con inside the store. I'm sure the slogan has been transported from somewhere a little less sweaty.

I made a rare trip into MacDonalds last night to try the new green bean Sundae. It took me about five minutes to get served because a girl in front of me was doing extreme theatrics at the counter. She was about my age and was standing together with a very overwhelmed and intimidated looking boyfriend. The interaction between her and the cashier and then the manager went like this:

Girl: I want the black kitty.
Cashier:I'm sorry, the black kitty is unavailable, you can have a red or a green.
Girl: I want the black kitty!
Cashier: Sorry but you can't buy that now. You can only get the red or green one
(at this point the manager approaches)
Manager: Sorry, what is the problem?
Girl: (pouting) I want the black kitty.
Manager: I'll just bring you the red and the green one so you can choose which you like.
(manager fetches the red and green and girl spends some time in disinterested observation)
Manager: So, which one do you like?
Girl: I like the black one!

This last utterance was given three times with increasing volume as she alternately looked from the manager to the boyfriend and pouted. Finally the cashier decided to serve me while the girl contintued to look at the red and green kitties.

The green bean sundae had a pleasantly high green bean/syrup ratio (the advertisement had me worried) but the sauce was still too sweet.

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