Friday, July 09, 2004

'The little colostomy bag that could'

Earlier this week we had a long anticipated raid by police who claimed to have had a complaint that there was someone on our premises without a valid visa. Ha ha. Just the one dear?

We have a policy of not opening the door to police but on that occasion a client (and a visa-less one at that!) had already let them in. Seeing the police, my colleague leapt up and stretched out his arms across the hallway, blocking them from entering any further.

One officer then tried to push past but my colleague lifted up his shirt to show his colostomy bag, the result of a recent operation. He warned them that they better not try to force past him.

It was then that the senior officer lifted up his own shirt, 'you call that a colostomy bag? THIS is a colostomy bag...'

No, just kidding. On seeing the colostomy bag the officers stayed where they were and agreed to speak to our boss on the telephone. I don't know if it was sympathy, shock or fear of a legal suit but they left and the colostomy seemed to have saved the clients who were in at the time.

The next morning one of them said to me 'Sir, yesterday Mr B stop police. If no, police arrest me. (If) Sir here, what sir do?'. I confessed that sir probably wouldn't have produced such a good result.

Anyway, yay to Bill and his colostomy bag. I did seek his permission to write about it seeing that he reads this blog :)

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