Saturday, October 30, 2004

It must have been love

It's been an exciting week at work. I got a promotion. I went to a meeting with high profile human rights activits. And we had a staff karaoke afternoon!

With around 200 staff in our organisation, it made for pretty daunting karaoke. In addition to the huge audience, the event was a competition. It was more 'Choi Hung Idol' than fun karaoke session.

The afternoon began with the executive director doing a very professional rendition of 'Memory' from 'Cats'. She was followed by a mix of canto pop, Chinese opera and even 'London Bridge is falling down'.

Each of the departments in the organisation pitched an individual or group to represent them on stage. While most departments had group items, we in the 'humanitarian program' sent a lone guy up to do a very brave 'How deep is your love?'.

I had wanted to sing originally but I ended up glad that I hadn't volunteered because I got a cold a few days ago. Once the competitive part of the afternoon was over I did get up with a colleague for a duet of 'It must have been love' by Roxette.

Word is that there is going to be karaoke again at the staff Christmas part so I will be in training for that.

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