Wednesday, November 03, 2004


The personalities in our centre continue to diversify. I have come to appreciate this crazy mix as a source of humour. I have also come to appreciate the bizarre range of talents that I can rely upon when I want to delegate tasks.

At the mental end of the task spectrum we have university maths graduates who can help me out with statistics for monthly reports.

At the physical end, we have huge ex-army types who can break open locked bags with a screwdriver and their bare hands. A few weeks ago I even requested a couple of guys to carry a very heavy, 213cm long desk up sixteen flights of stairs. I tried to help but they wouldn't let me, fearing that a white person would be crushed under the weight.

Recently, however, I have delighted in delegating a particular task. As would be expected, the majority of our asylum seeker clients have been hoping for a Kerry victory in the US election. Amidst the sensible people there a couple of deluded ones who say they admire Bush's approach to tackling terrorism. I've been busy lately and I don't have time to argue with everyone. Fortunately, I have several eloquent and convincing anti-Bush clients who have been diligent in doing re-education on my behalf.

After the release of Osama's message last week we analysed a BBC article in English class. I got them to compare the latest image of Osama with one from several years ago and recieved the following comments:

"Now Osama fat, before thin" (The word is healthy! In English fat is insulting.)
"Before Osama wear military, now suit"
"Before in cave, now office"
"War on terrorism only kill people, no killing Osama!"

Correct answers make this teacher very happy!

Voting has now closed in Chungking Mansions with a decisive victory going to Kerry. Unfortunately it looks that the same may not be the case in the US. My only consolation is that a Democrat loss may increase the probability of Hillary running as the Democrat candidate in 2008.

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