Tuesday, April 12, 2005

15 seconds

The tv report on asylum seekers finally aired on Sunday night. In church on Sunday morning someone announced that a 'teaser' had been shown during the news the night before, 'showing our church service and featuring some of our usual celebrities'. The guy then looked in my direction and chuckled. I was filled with deathly fear that they must have aired the bit where I was trying to sing without a songbook.

It took me a while to figure out where I was going to watch the report. I decided to go to the Chinese dessert shop, where I consumed one bowl of black sesame paste dumplings and one bowl of sago with mango. At first the staff didn't understand why I was so keen to change the tv channel but it became obvious when I came on the screen, much to the delight of my fellow customers.

Thankfully, the didn't show me singing. Only a little of my interview was shown, other than that there was a shot of me doing some filing at work and a shot of the back of my head in church. Most importantly, the report was very sympathetic to the issue, to the extent that we will be able to use it as a promotional video for our work! I can't wait until we get a copy to show to all the asylum seekers.


dsd said...

ah, someone's becoming TST's very own celeb! I might have to fend off autograph seekers the next time i walk beside you in HK! ;p

joe said...

hmmm... i'm still waiting for my first one... you might just be safe

Clare said...

Wow - I know a TV star- fantastic. (I was on HK radio once - a very scary experience.)


joe said...

hmmm... radio, that's something I have yet to conquer ;)