Saturday, April 23, 2005


Daisy and I have been in competition for the last two weeks after we both developed similarly positioned mouth ulcers. I found out about her ulcer because she started using a herbal paste that turned her whole mouth black and prevented her from speaking properly.

I teased her that my ulcer would get better faster without any treatment. When I came back from the market with a bag full of mangos she predicted the worst for my ulcer. I find this Chinese medicine notion of 'heating' and 'cooling' foods really strange.

On our last comparison she declared a truce. Both of us were healing at a similar rate. Then she started shrieking in delight and jumping up and down. I asked her what the matter was and she told me to wait and then ran laughing to the back of the store.

She came back with a mirror, shouting out, 'you have another ulcer! you have another ulcer!'. Ling, Deco and Jacky crowded around while I looked into the mirror. A second ulcer had developed at the side of my mouth. I thought I had just bitten myself while chewing.

I blamed Hong Kong and told Daisy that I never used to have mouth ulcers in Sydney. 'Ha, ha' she said, 'even tv stars get ulcers'.


dsd said...

when i read the line about the mangoes you bought, the first thing that came into my mind was that it was 'heaty' and that it would only aggrevate the condition of your ulcers. And was happy to note that Daisy had the same thought. heehee.

But anyway yeah, this 'heating' and 'cooling' theory is true!

joe said...

i know, i know...
But mangoes are just so delicious right now. Oh, by the way, I tried my first durian! I didn't love it but I'm determined to develop a liking.

Anonymous said...

youll be interested to note that the afternoon tea fruit platter (dragon fruit etc) has now officially ceased, can mum come back and get enthused again??
love mim