Monday, May 02, 2005

Pank lagana

About a month ago, the weather here transitioned from winter to summer in the space of a week. The cold weather that had lasted much longer than usual is now a distant memory. Even after my twice daily cold showers, I begin to sweat before I've left the bathroom.

Through the cool weather I was addicted to Queen Latifa's version of "California dreamin'". When the heat started to build up I found a new theme song from an mp3 CD containing 156 A R Rahman songs. Since I bought the CD a month ago it has hardly left my discman.

At first I found the chorus a little strange, 'I want to turn on the fan and fly away'. As the weather heated up it made more sense and it seemed consistent with the whooshing air noise in the song. That was until I explained the song to a friend and got the following response.

"'Pank lagana' you idiot not 'panka lagana'. It means 'put on wings' not 'turn on the fan'".

Whoops! I guess I've never had to talk about wings before.

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