Saturday, June 18, 2005

moh din-si

After being interviewed in several forms of media I have now realised that the best looking reporters are those who appear on tv.

I was putting something in the microwave yesterday when my colleague ran excitedly into the kitchen and slammed the door shut. 'The reporter is here!' she gasped. Seeing my lack of excitement she continued, 'It's (NAME CENSORED), one of the most handsome news reporters in Hong Kong!'.

As I was having the interview I could see my colleague sms-ing everyone in her phone book in a frantic fashion. I mentioned casually to the celebrity, 'I think that (CENSORED NAME OF FAMOUS CHINESE ANIMAL) has seen you on TV before'. 'Yes', replied the celebrity, 'do you watch TVB?'

'No, I don't have a tv' I answered, trying not to look smug. I resisted the urge to say that I only watch tv when I am on it.

Oh dear. How am I going to relinquish my c-grade celebrity status in August? Is this the prelude to something greater or is this the peak after which I will never find fame again?

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