Thursday, June 09, 2005

Out of touch

I'm leaving HK tomorrow for four days in Shanghai with my old school friend Jen who's living there for half a year with her German boyfriend Sebastian. She's prepared an incredibly cool itinerary and I'm looking forward to exploring Shanghai and getting to talk about school days again.

Speaking of old friends, I ran into my old chemistry lab partner, Hayley, in Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station this morning! I thought I recognised her from behind but was still shocked when she turned around and I figured out it really was her. She's on holiday here until the end of the month so we will catch up when I get back from Shanghai.

It's quite obvious that I've been blogging less lately. This is partly because work has been busier than ever. It's also because I've been going through what I am coming to think of as a 'quarter life crisis'. No need for panic because I'm hoping to come out quite okay.

The big news for the moment is that I'm quitting my job and expecting to leave HK in August. I gave my resignation a couple of days ago and I'm looking forward to taking a holiday in India, Australia and elsewhere and then doing something different.

Okay, I'm signing out until Tuesday because Jen has told me my blog is not available in China.


dsd said...

Wiuld you be able to pass me the itinerary? I'd like to have a look 'cos I'm planning my own Shanghai trip too.

And yeah, blogspot isn't available in China. I tried accessing blogspot sites while in Beijing and couldn't. Bit annoying.

And how coincidental is that?? You actually bumped into your old chemistry lab partner in HK!

Clare said...

Ooh - does this mean we might be seeing you in the UK as well?

joe said...

Yes! I should be moving to London at the start of October :)

Clare said...

Hurrah. HK/Sydney/India's loss is our gain.

joe said...

thanks clare!!!