Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Funny but not funny

I have read two ridiculous things today. The first was a poster in the post office:

'Surprise your beloved with our exquisite philatelic products'

The other was in an email from an American friend travelling in Afghanistan (don't ask!).

'Men, women and children scurried along the dirty dusty streets. Women still wore burkas even in the scorching heat. Youngs boys would be out on the streets begging for food and money. There were open sewers everywhere giving out an filthy stench.

Despite everything it was good to be in Kabul. This was the city that had changed hands many times in the course of the war in these thirty years. The Russian backed communists had taken it over from the Afghan King in the late seventies, then the Muhajadeen had ruled the city in the early nineties. The Taliban took it over in late nineties and finally the city was liberated by the allied forces after 9/11.

Marks of war are everywhere. Buildings are scarred with bullet holes and shell marks. Streets are pot marked with mine explosions and bomb holes. You can see the lines of war on the furrows of people when you look at them. You would think they were thankful to the Americans for getting rid of the Taliban but on the contrary anti-American sentiments run rife because of the negative propaganda they receive through the Arab media.'


Iqbal Khaldun said...

I was expecting the narrator from Kabul to say at the end:

"And suddenly I noticed some bright red graffiti on one of the potmarked walls: 'Surprise your beloved with our exquisite philatelic products'. :-)

Any idea what philatelic means? Sounds naughty.

joe said...

As far as I know there's not much naughty about Hong Kong Post. Philately is the practice of stamp collecting. It's big here and superstar Kelly Chen is the Philatelic Ambassador.

With your new name and photo I thought a very dark skinned person had taken over your blog. I only just clicked to enlarge the photo (after seven weeks) and realised it's still you!

Iqbal Khaldun said...

:-) That photo was the product of good fortune, alcohol, and my trusted digital camera (yes, the one I bought in Hong Kong!).