Monday, July 25, 2005

Eat more!

I went to Shenzen again yesterday with Daisy's mum, the last of our outings together!

We were also accompanied by Daisy's mum's younger brother and sister in law. Despite their age advantage, they couldn't keep with Daisy's mum who became increasingly frustrated with their slow walking speed.

We ended up ditching the two of them at the border before we re-entered Hong Kong. I was surprised that our party lasted that far! That left Daisy's mum free to chat up another senior citizen on the train home. I've notice that wherever we go, she has an incredible talent for starting conversations with the most handsome stranger in the vicinity.

The main focus of the day was a three hour stint at yum cha where table talk went round in circles like this:
'ah-Joe! sek lah! sek ngau to!' eat! eat more cow's stomach
'sek m douh! ngo bau jo lah!' I can't! I'm already full
'momentai! man man sek ah!' No problem! Keep eating slowly!
'sek m douh! ngo ho bau lah!' I can't! I'm really full!
'ok, ok, hoy chiso lah, ha ha ha' So go to the toilet!

I didn't need to go but the long walk across the restaurant seemed like a good idea. After a toilet trip the above cycle would start again...

Eating is going to be the main theme of my week and a half left in Hong Kong. I'm realising that there are many things I might not be able to eat when I leave here and I'm trying my best to fit as much of them in as possible in the next ten days.

On top of the priority list are:
- watermelon
- tofu fa
- egg white cake
- Nepali set dinners
- Philippino mangos
- steamed milk pudding
- papaya

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Adrian said...

I can't believe it's only a week and a half! Eat up, eat up!