Tuesday, August 02, 2005

So I'll go but I know...

Many people are expressing their upset about my departure and I've been very touched.

The Nepalese clients at work are convinced that I'm leaving Hong Kong so that I can get married. They've made it clear that they could easily arrange a wife for me should I decide to stay.

Several of the Congolese have taken a different angle. Someone brought a greatest love songs CD today. 'I will always love you' and 'Sacrifice' were played repeatedly as different people took turns at karaoke.

One person couldn't follow the words but did actions instead. The song finished and we then had the following conversation, in front of a very amused audience:

Joe, you bring my hat
You, you bring my hat
You need a hat?
You go, you bring my hat (with a 'tearing chest open' motion)
Oh! You mean 'break my heart'
Yes! You break my hat
No! Break my heart!
Yes, you break my heart. Je t'aime.

I'm looking forward to my leaving party tomorrow. I know that a dance item is being prepared and I'm sure there will be more singing!

In the meantime, it's late at night and I'm at work wondering how I'm going to finish everything necessary before flying on Thursday night. And also wondering why I'm blogging!

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Iqbal Khaldun said...

Haha how cute! All the best with the holiday/trip/life experience.