Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Return to Rishikesh

After a frantic departure from Hong Kong I spent two nights in London and then arrived in Delhi at noon on Monday.

Delhi airport hadn't changed since I was last here and I knew how charge through all the taxi drivers to find the local bus to get to the long distance bus terminus.

That bus broke down after ten minutes but our 'conductor madam' didn't listen to any complaints and marched everyone on to a replacement. I then got on a bus to Rishikesh which took 8 hours instead of 6 because we got stuck in a road block and had to take a dirt road for several kilometres.

I'm glad to report that India is pretty much the same except that there are a lot more mobile phones, plastic bags and t-shirts with Britney Spears (in her previous more glamorous incarnation). And Delhi has a fantastic looking new metro.

I finally arrived in Rishikesh at 10:30pm and headed straight for my usual hotel. One of my friends recognised me in the dark and came running down the street with her new baby. When I got the hotel the staff were about to eat so I bought some extra curry, rice, chapatis and kheer and we had a celebratory meal.

I got to sleep about 1am and was planning to leave early on a bus to the mountains. That didn't work out and I was woken at 10am by Nandu who works in the hotel:

'Joe, I don't think you're going to Rudraprayag today. It's late and Ashu and Goldie are waiting for you in the hotel lobby. Come fast because there is chai and hot hot parathas.'

It's nice to be back here in Rishikesh :)


Anonymous said...

nice to know you arrive india safely.
i just return from my annual break. during the break, i also went to supermarket and wanna buy some new stuff for you. i went out with frustration that you already left hong kong lu.

Bill said...

Hi Joe,
Glad you got there okay. The kitchen reverted back to its original filthy state as soon as you left so I had to bark at Mike and Sharmila, but it was needed. Have left CD of Cable TV with Devi.Keep in touch, you have my email and let me know when you will come back to HK. Looking forward to my new job and have to go to Israel & Brussels in September. Wishing you well on your travels, Blog more so we can follow you.

Clare said...

Hey there, sorry I missed you in London, I was in Spain. What jet setters we are! Sounds like you're having fun in India - I'm v jealous. Looking forward to catching up when you're back here again.


joe said...

Thanks Panda! I miss egg white cake already. And I can't see any watermelon in India!

And thanks Bill, if the job ad is still being placed then 'kitchen cleaning' should definitely be added to the responsibilities of my replacement!

Clare, I figured you were on holiday since your phone was going straight to the maching, anyway, see you soon :)

Clare said...

Lots of watermelon here at the moment!