Monday, March 27, 2006


I've changed. The temperature has gone above 10 degrees for the first time in ages and I feel like it's Summer.

Over the last few months I've got used to cold. I stopped wearing fiddly things like gloves, scarves and beanies and I started to look down on the 'tourists' who walk around central London dressed for the Arctic. It's the same pointless smugness I feel when I pass Hare Krishna singers and mentally correct their pronunciation.

But I'm not as tough as I like to think. I could handle the cold when I had to. But I tended not to leave the house unless it was absolutely necessary. Winter made me very antisocial.

The maximum temperature tomorrow will be 13 degrees. In Sydney that would be cold. In Hong Kong it would warrant a 'Cold Weather Warning'. But I'm coming out of hibernation.


pip said...

It is April already... Blog, Joe, blog : )

Joe said...

Thanks Pip :)