Monday, March 20, 2006


I'm loving the Commonwealth games but the BBC coverage has me reaching for the mute button. My annoyance reached a peak this evening when they played a section of Australian commentary just to laugh at how worked up the commentator became. Thank goodness for the more composed BBC coverage with lines like 'Scotland are just having the meet of their... uh... lives'.

Muting the coverage wouldn't be a total fix however. I still wouldn't be able to see the events in which British countries don't win any medals. And I haven't seen an overall medal tally so far. I am fighting the censorship by including an abbreviated gold medal tally below:

Australia: 42
England: 18
Scotland: 8
Wales: 1
Isle of Man: 1

I was shocked when I searched out the overall tally on the internet. The only tally which is shown on the BBC (repeatedly) is the men's swimming tally. This may have something to do with the fact that Australia has only won one gold.

Hmmm. I had no idea I was so patriotic.

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pip said...

I like your tally!! Must say that the Commonwealth Games isn't getting much press in Cambodia. No surprise really...However I did read in the SMH that the Australian boxer named Brad Pitt is up for a medal. Nice one!