Friday, May 19, 2006

I speak weird

I had a conversation today that highlighted the obstacles I face in trying to be an English teacher in England. I was visiting a community organisation where I want to refer some of my students for extra classes.

Me: Hi, is there anyone I can speak to about your English classes for asylum seekers?

English lady: Your English sounds very good...

Me: No, I work at _______ I'm looking for somewhere to refer some of our asylum seeker clients.

EL: Oh ok... so where are you from?

Me: Australia

EL: Really? I thought you sounded Eastern European.

Me: Oh, I've lived in Hong Kong for the last few years.

EL: So are you telling me that your accent is Chinese?

Me: No, no, my accent is just confused.

EL: So what is your job at _________

Me: I'm the English teacher

EL: (choking noise) Oh! Do you have any training?

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dimsumdolly said...

oh god, i can't imagine what she would have to say about my accent. And she might just flip on her chair once she finds out what i do for a living. haha.