Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Losing composure

The endoscopy/biopsy went fine. I opted to go without sedation - not because I'm tough but because I really hate needles. It was much more exciting than I anticipated, I was in a real operating theatre with three nurses and two doctors. They can't all have been necessary so I guess that some of them were trainees.

It wasn't painful at all but it sure was uncomfortable. I kept retching and my eyes watered the whole time. When they finally reeled the thing out, one of the nurses handed me a huge bunch of tissues and said 'try to compose yourself'. That sounds a bit harsh but I think he meant, 'rest and wipe yourself off before you try and do anything'.

Now I just hope that getting the results doesn't take too long. Getting the appointment was a 4 month kerfuffle in which the hospital lost my referral form twice. I'm not in the mood for any more waiting!

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jase said...

Hope it all went well Joe!

Merry Christmas you two!