Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Things I'll miss

I felt a little bit sad the other day when I realised that I was on my last bike ride to work for more than a month. I'm still loving riding - I get fit, I save money and I get to see what is going on in London.

I cycled down The Mall on the day before the Tour de France and was so tempted to ignore the security guards and do my own little race to the finish line. Maybe not a good idea with all the terrorism hoohah.

The next day, we were walking through Hyde Park and chanced on the tail end of the race. HN got an impressive picture of the last cyclist. I got this picture of super keen spectators.

But there's one thing I will miss more than riding. Mogfa is housesitting while I'm away and she's coming over tonight for an induction. It will mostly focus on plant care. She's feeling a bit of pressure but the weather can only improve so I'm sure they will thrive.


Iqbal Khaldun said...

Have fun in India. Take plenty of snaps!

Anonymous said...

Joe Joe Joe,

The garden and i have bonded!!!!!!!! Whilst having a chat with them, i noticed a man down below admiring the flowers looking upp smiling, went out again 5mins later and he was still smiling at your babies. You would have been proud

Love Gardener Mogfa