Sunday, July 01, 2007

End of term

It's almost the end of term and one of my jobs is very busy. The other is anything but.

Most of my students at the college have finished their courses already and stopped coming in. I've requested a decrease in working hours for the next two weeks. My colleagues think I'm crazy for giving up the chance to be paid for doing nothing. I can't think of anything worse!

Things there really are quiet. When I arrived last Wednesday, the notices on the staff intranet were:

'Would anybody be interested in giving a good home to some baby stick insects?

Stick insects are really easy to look after - they eat bramble and privet. They are completely harmless and only move slowly so they can be handled. They make an ideal first pet!

If you are interested, please ring me on 221.

'I have a small fish tank (cylinder shaped) to give away. It's brand new with a blue top and base, ideal for a small goldfish. Our fish really wasn't happy in it as he is quite a chunky guy! If anyone can use the tank please let me know and I will bring it in, I'm in L6 ext 221.'

'Did anyone record Cold Blood on TV last night? This is a new series and I missed it. Please let me know. Thanks.'

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