Sunday, June 24, 2007

I know you from the internet!

It was exam time at of my jobs this week. Attendance was high and a couple of people came despite being sick with a heavy cold. I was very impressed.

I'm not so impressed now because I've caught whatever they had. Since work yesterday morning I've only made one brief mission out of the house to buy gluten-free chicken stock.

As I walked out of the supermarket, I saw two familiar faces. It took time to figure out who they were. They weren't people I know. They weren't celebrities (living in central London, I see someone D-list about once a month).

After a split-second it hit me. It was a couple I had seen in photos on the blog of an English teacher in Tokyo. I thought about stopping them, 'I've seen you on a blog! I remember you well because of your good looks, whiter than white teeth and silly beret'.

I decided not to. They were rushing towards Holborn Station.

I've done some thinking. I have been spending too much time reading blogs written by people I don't know. Actually, the most ridiculous thing is that the blogs I read most avidly are written by people who I would find too annoying to handle in real life! Why is that?

I've just been through my bookmarks and done a drastic cull.


Iqbal Khaldun said...

Hehe that's quite funny. Maybe it's because with a blog you are free to read about them at your own leisure rather than be bombarded with their personality. I find Facebook has similar properties.

Joe said...

I think you might be right. It's about being in control - able to peruse and make judgements without someone being imposed on you.

Let's be clear I'm talking about people I don't know!

Adrian said...

Haha, Joe, I think you've been reading the blogs of irritating people for years. :-)

Blogs give you a picture into the worlds of people you would never associate with in person. You can be entertained by their quirky, off-putting characteristics without having to deal with them directly!

Joe said...

I think it also makes me more happy about the choices I make. Reading about people who do things differently is quite reassuring.

Plus, there are some irritating people who write incredibly well!