Thursday, June 07, 2007

Summer holidays

This week I managed to look past all the stuff I've got to do in the last month of term. And I realised that I have a huge holiday coming up. Almost two months. It's like being a uni student again!

I'll be in Sydney (via Hong Kong) in September for my sister's wedding. It won't be a long trip because the new term starts several weeks beforehand. I'll work the first two weeks of term and then fly off.

That still leaves a big space of nothing through July and August. I applied to teach at a university summer school but haven't heard back. Most of the other summer teaching work is too poorly paid to bother.

I could do a fun non-teaching summer job. I looked into riding a rickshaw. Companies hire them out at a fixed rate (and insure you) and then you get to keep all your fares and tips.

But as Jean pointed out, rickshaw drivers spend the majority of their time waiting on street corners trying to solicit business. I think I'd be a great driver but soliciting would not suit me at all.

I've been considering travel. There's nothing I want (or can afford) to do in Europe. I'd love to see mountains in India again but it will be monsoon season. So I'm considering Rajasthan. Hot but relatively dry.

I'd feel bad about doing so much flying in one summer. But a month on a vegetarian diet, living without electrical appliances and showering from cold buckets of water would make up for that, right?

And I'm dying for the chance to speak Hindi again. Hmm...


Jean said...

Re: rickshaw idea - you would also have to work late hours, I think they get the majority of their business during the early hours of the morning when ppl are too drunk to walk!

Rajasthan sounds like it would be an amazing holiday. Do it, do it, do it!!

Cal said...

Hmm, looks like I might have to go to India for work. Quite possibly in both July and August. How cool would it be to meet up in India somewhere?!

Knuffy's Owner said...

It's a shame I'm not in Germany anymore, otherwise I would have insisted you visit! What about the Baltic States? They are heaps of fun, easy to travel, and have low costs.

When exactly are coming to Oz? Beginning, middle or end of Sep?

Joe said...

Jean I think you are very right. Maybe I should just buy a rickshaw to drive friends around for fun :)

Cal, that would be amazing! I'll have to speak to you and find out all the details.

KO, Europe is wasted on me. It's like asking a monkey to appreciate the taste of ginger.

I'm going to be in Sydney from Sept 17-23. You and Sea Bass will be there, right?

Knuffy's Owner said...

Yeah, we've always known that we both love things that are 'different' to ourselves, hence my love for Europe and yours for Asia!

The European fish and I will most likely be here when you come. Please reserve me a spot in your tight schedule!!

Joe said...

Definitely! I'm really looking forward to see you both!