Monday, February 18, 2008


It's the mid-term holiday and I'm off to Birmingham today. I'm back Wednesday and plans for Paris have failed (I was too late trying to book bus or Eurostar tickets) but Mogfa is on break too and we're planning a Hackney fun day later in the week. I love holidays!

The Mughal era epic, Jodhaa Akbar, released last Friday and it's quite fortunate that I'm on holiday becuase it's 3.5 hours long. I love the music so I'm hoping the film turns out to be okay.


j a s o n said...

Cool photo!!

Shame about Paris, but a fun day with the Mogfa...excellent! does it included donning Hoodies and spray painting the local Tescos?

Joe said...

Dalston is so hard! There are now Romanian village women with babies begging 'Food for baby, Jesus, hallelujah!'.

j a s o n said...

No need to travel to Europe, its come to you!

Joe said...

Not just Europe! Dalston is Africa, the Middle East and Asia as well!