Tuesday, February 12, 2008


If you see anyone in London feeding squirrels, there's a good chance that they're Australian. When I discovered how tame the squirrels in Victoria Park were, I bought a huge bag of raw peanuts (they're called monkeynuts here) and went back the next weekend. There's still half a bag left so let me know if you're keen for a feeding trip

If I tell an English person that I feed squirrels they scoff. Yes, I know that they're vermin but if you grew up only seeing squirrels in story books, grey squirrels (the red ones are native and good) are not that bad. Certainly not on a par with pigeons.

And I do know how to recognise real British wildlife when I see it. While feeding the squirrels I also spotted this, which I recognised as a Blue Tit, quite surprising myself!


dimsumdolly said...

Or there's a good chance they may be Singaporean! Haha!

And yes, squirrels are so much cuter than pigeons! The only time I like pigeons is when they're unrecognisable, nicely roasted, and seated on a plate...preferably in a Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong. :p

Speaking of Hong Kong, I'm going to be there next week for a couple of days. I'm going to attack the food there with a vengeance! wahahaha!

Joe said...

Lucky you! Last time I had pigeon I had great fun entertaining squeamish people by sucking the brains out and then using the head on a chopstick as a little puppet.