Monday, March 17, 2008


I asked a class today to prepare a story about a time they had bought furniture or something big for their house. It was in preparation for making a complaint phone call so I encouraged them to think of a purchase that was in some way problematic.

After some work on past tense verbs, the first anecdote went like this:

'I swear to god this is a true story. I used to have two girlfriends. One of them cried to me for new furniture, washing machine, everything for our apartment. So I take her Argos buy everything. Cost me 1000 pounds. Then, next week she kick me out. I ask her why she kick out me and she said is because you got another girlfriend. I said, "Why you didn't kick me out before I buy you everything for flat?". She used me!'

The women in the class laughed and another man started to tell him off. I, meanwhile, was thinking, 'Habitual past and a phrasal verb! Bonus!'.


j a s o n said...

He might be the guy that used my stolen card details to buy stuff at Argos!!!!!!

dimsumdolly said...

You always seem to have such interesting stories come up in your lessons!

Joe said...

There is just so much naughtiness lately! An older lady smacked my bum in class last week - much to the horror/amusement of the other students!

Then, in a conversation about children, a 70 something year old revealed that he has 2 young kids and and 80 something complimented him on his functional 'machinery'!