Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Berber terrorists

I went to ask for an appointment at my hairdresser on Monday. They didn't have anything that day so when I mentioned that I'd come in again later they gave me their card. I don't know why I have an aversion to booking things in advance.

That evening, when I looked at the card, I noticed that the business is called 'Rush Hair Salon' but their email address is rashhairsalon@. Neither of these were particularly encouraging so on my day off yesterday I decided to try out the barber on Broadway Market. Sitting in the seat and looking out the front window, I noticed that it was actually a 'Berber Saloune'. Is that faulty English or another langauge? Anyway, it was a good cut for 8 pounds so I'll probably go back.

Meanwhile, on Mondays my old men's class are doing a unit called 'Homes'. Can you translate this description that one of my students came out with (to everyone's great enjoyment)?:

Mubarak living terrorist flat. It has 4 bedroom and big chicken.


Miriam said...

humerous blogs mean im caught out on the internet at work... laughes out loud at your choice of classy hair stylists.

Knuffy's Owner said...

My mum told me when she was learning English in high school everyone always had trouble remembering which one was chicken and which one was kitchen.