Friday, May 16, 2008

Flower fight

My garden is at an ugly transition stage. The last flower (below) died off weeks ago but the leaves are taking way too long to wither away and I don't want to pull the bulbs out until they're ready.

Not that I'd have anything to replace them with anyway. Apart from a few very healthy looking lettuce, my seeds (especially the ones I ordered from overseas!) have not been too successful.

I thought I'd cheat with a trip to Columbia Road. I saw stuff I wanted on the stall where a man sells off one thing at a time to the person he likes the look of most. The crowd of anxious gardeners around the stall were eyeing each other suspiciously.

A man next to me asked a stall assistant if he could buy something on the ground in front of him, only to be told 'You can only buy what the boss has in his hand.'. It was starting to feel like a Seinfeld episode, 'No petunias for you!'.

(same stall but not my photo)

When my plants came up, I know he noticed my waving hand first but I was completely ignored! I'm going back this Sunday at opening time. Failing that, I'll be there the week after with someone who can project a good damsel in distress.


Iqbal Khaldun said...

Looks rather bright in London these days!! Give my salaams to the folks at the Palestinian Cafe.

Am doing well. No real dangerous situations yet, touch wood. Can get a bit draining at times and the whole occupation is rather depressing.

j a s o n said...

So Joe, are you Kramer?

Jean said...

I am really surprised, I would have thought the customers had the upper hand given there would be so much competition between stalls. In any case, I can do a pretty good damsel in distress and if you require a more dramatic act, you know who I would recommend ;)
Have I told you I have a plant myself these days, a beautiful orchid in my bedroom.

Joe said...

Jason, I can't remember who it is that the Soup Nazi hates most?

Thanks for the offer Jean but I went to extreme lengths (will detail soon) today and got everything I want. Take an orchid picture to show me!

Knuffy's Owner said...

The Soup Nazi hates Elaine the most. I bought the DVD for Sea Bass for Christmas : )