Friday, January 16, 2004

Early Retirement

The rest of my family went back to Australia a week ago and since then I've been staying with my grandma near Birmingham. I'll be here for another week and then it's back to Hong Kong, just in time to catch the end of Chinese New Year.

The two of us have settled into a comfortable routine now. It's cold and the sun comes up late so we usually don't get out of the house until after lunch. When we venture out, it's either for a brief shopping mission or for a walk in the countryside. This is our favourite view from Kinver Edge.

Evenings are the highlight of the day, and I have to confess I'm starting to look forward to 'Coronation St' so much that it's scaring me. Nan's getting me hooked on a lot of her soaps and detective shows but it's not all one way indoctrination.

The next door neighbour has lent me a heap of Hindi movies with subtitles and Nan and I invested 3 hours 40 mins yesterday to watch 'Lagaan'. It's a film about a cricket match (yet I still liked it!) and it was nominated for the 'best foreign film' oscar in 2002. The film was shot in Gujurat and I first saw this poster when I visited there after the earthquake a couple of years ago. The poster was signed and stuck up in a restaurant that had huge cracks running down the walls.

I'm very much looking forward to starting something constructive soon but I'm also realising that I'm going to make a great old person :)