Friday, January 30, 2004

Welcome to Hong Kong

I've been back in Hong Kong a week and it's been great to get caught up in all the excitement of Chinese New Year. It's been a week full of very Honky moments, my favourite was the explanation I got from my friend on why he and his dad had swapped mobile phones: 'Dad was getting too many calls from his mistresses on the mainland'.

Things change fast in Hong Kong. Even though I have only been away a month there are new supermarkets, new train stations and new strains of flu destined to wipe us all out. The biggest surprise for me was seeing my goddaughter M walking confidently. When I left in December she was just taking a couple of steps.

There's plenty more news so I'll be writing again soon. Stay tuned for my new flat (in a very exciting location!), a short trip to China, my first day at work on Monday and the imminent birth of a sibling for M.