Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Subject-verb agreement or summat like it

After lengthy and painful grammar study last year I’ve become much more aware of the way that my older relatives speak. Nan and I went around to Aunty Ol’s again on Sunday for cha (yes they call it that here!) and a chat. As we spoke, I tried to subtly write some of the best bits on the back of a receipt…

-‘She says I aint to drink the water what come outta the tap but I told her I’s got to 86 a-drinking the water what come outta the tap’

-‘Didn’t she know?’ ‘Her did!’

-‘Does I know her?’

-‘They can ill afford that, surely to goodness!’

-‘They (the rats) was coming outta the bins and a-following her down the street’

The rat plague is still the talk of the town. It's an exciting tale involving hordes of rats running amok in stores all down Brierly Hill High Street. There are numberous variations on the story and everyone has their own opinions on where the rats came from.

Aunty Ol's theory is that they were disturbed when the garbage men collected a big pile of rubbish bags that had been left behind the pub after Christmas. The only thing she still can't understand is how they got in the automatic doors at 'QuikSave'!