Saturday, March 13, 2004

Madam, we want to get married

My co-worker Sister S and I had a good laugh this week about all the different kinds of advice that people ask from us. We're starting to feel as if we give off some kind of aura that makes people feel that we have the answer to any questions that they may have.

Some of the things I have been asked at work this week include:
- 'How do I shave without getting getting pimples?'
- 'Should I marry someone of a different religion?'
- 'How can I get fat?'
(this is a very common one)
- 'How can I lose weight?' (my first time getting asked this in HK)
- 'Should I give up my UNHCR application?'

The best question for this week was recieved by Sister S. A young couple came in together and the guy said 'Madam we want marry but I asylum seeker, have no visa. Please telling what to do?'.

This couple only have English in common (which limits communication quite severely) and I was intrigued to know how they met. Everyone here was in stitches when the guy proudly told us that when he first moved to Hong Kong their apartment windows were in clear view of each other. They used to look at each other a lot and one day she wrote up a sign asking for his telephone number. He gave it to her and that's how it happened!