Friday, March 05, 2004

Well I had a call from my agent yesterday and...

For some time now I've had a running joke with some of my friends that I'm aiming at Bollywood superstardom. I've got the language down and I've been working on the dance moves for quite a while.

Prior to starting working in Hong Kong I had been hoping to take a trip to India. I thought if I went near Bombay I would give a try at turning up at a film studio and seeing what happened.

When my job and visa for HK worked out so fast that idea faded. Never did I expect that my Bollywood dreams might be replaced by Hollywood ambitions.

Okay, okay... so I'm exaggerating a bit but there is some truth in here.

I have a friend here who makes a living out of bit parts in Chinese films. He told me a month ago that his agency is always looking for foreigners for extra roles and I gave him my number to pass on to them.

So yesterday I got a call from 'my agent' Bee (how is it possible that I know two people with this name?!?). I'm to go to the agency tomorrow to register because they are looking for people for a film next week.

The crazy thing is that Gwailo B is going to be in this movie too. I called him today and he was in the studio having costumes fitted (I guess he has a real part!). And the second crazy thing is that it is a Hollywood film starring Mila Jovovich!

Anyway, I might not even get in, esp since I can only spare one day next week. Eitherway I'll try and blog tomorrow about my trip to the agency...