Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Peasant class

The decision between upper and lower deck on the Star Ferry brings two strong Honky instincts into conflict:

1. For only a very small extra cost, the upper deck is much more luxurious than the lower deck. It has nicer seats, no exhaust fumes and offers a superiour view of the harbour.
2. At the same time, it takes longer to reach the upper deck boarding enterance and priveleged passengers are required to walk up stairs. At times, this extra distance could cost one a ferry.

For me, the choice is easy. I have been a lower deck person ever since my volunteer work days when even saving fifty cents (HK!) mattered. Taking the lower deck was especially natural since I was usually rushing to HK side to get my ferry to Lantau Island. Until now, I usually only take the upper deck when I'm with tourists or die-hard upper deck riders.

Crossing the harbour on the weekend I spotted a ferry docking and convinced one of those die-hard friends that we'd miss it if we took the longer journey up. The following conversation ensued:

DH: 'I feel like Rose in "Titanic"!'
Me: 'Oh, I haven't seen it'
DH: 'Well there's a scene where she goes to a party down below with all the poor people'
Me: 'Does she end up enjoying it?'
DH: 'Yes, it's a bit of a shock at first but she really gets into the swing of things, especially the dancing'

I looked around but the peasants were all seated.

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