Saturday, December 04, 2004


Since I last blogged I have been very busy at work preparing stuff for a Amnesty conference on refugees and asylum seekers that is being held this weekend.

I went to a pre-conference dinner on Thursday evening and was very surprised when someone asked me if I'd seen the asylum seeker newspaper articles last Sunday. 'Didn't you see the photo?' I asked? 'No' they told me, 'I got it off the online archive'. Aiyaa!

Anyway, because of the conference I have been working overtime all week. As usual, I am working today (Sat) and I also have to be at work tonight for a visit by a group of international church leaders. Tomorrow and Monday I will be at the conference and then Monday night is the closing dinner! The craziness is making me even more eager for my holiday home.

Despite losing a Saturday night, I have been looking forward to tonight's meeting. We've booked out an Indian restaurant in Chungking and we will be able to do kareoke in Hindi if we want! As long as the South Asian delegates don't look too stuffy then I think I'll go for it. Having visited several churches in India I've learnt that it's not always a good idea to display a liking for Hindi movies in front South Asian Christians. And even worse to launch in to 'obla dee dee dee, obla daa daa daa, obla doo doo doo, what to doo?'

I just looked at the guest list for tonight and was surprised to see a very prominent delegate from Australia, someone who is well known for their stance on asylum seekers and other issues. Not the first time since I've been in this job that I've got to meet a hero!

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