Thursday, December 16, 2004

Lucky draw

The staff Christmas party was held at the Clear Water Bay country club on Tuesday and I spent a lot of time sleeping on the golf course. I eat something bad on Monday and I was feeling really sick.

The event would have been a lot better had it not dragged on for nine hours. In the afternoon we were free to use the club facilities but the evening was a formal dinner and presentations etc with presentations etc.

The formal part had some definite highlights and lowlights. Our department play was funny in parts but disastrous in others because one actor had got increasingly sozzled throughout the afternoon and evening. We practised several times during the afternoon and his part increased every time to the point where he had as much dialogue as everyone else combined.

The best part of the evening was a belly dance by one of the staff at our domestic helper and migrant worker's centre. I found out that she actually performs at a restaurant in central. I'm definitely going there to watch when I get back from Australia.

Dominating the evening was the lucky draw with over fifty prizes. Each prize was announced individually and each winner had to come on stage to shake hands with one of the board members as they recieved their prize.

Most of the prizes were not so special and in my unwell state I was actually hoping not to have to move out of my seat.

Not so lucky however because my name flashed up on the large screen as the winner of prize no. 9 - $500 cash.

I made my way up on to stage and tried to shake hands and recieve my prize with a minimum of fuss. Unfortunately, one of the board members refused to let go of my hand until we had posed for a photo.

The MC could see how much I wanted to get off stage and insisted that I couldn't leave until I had told everyone how I would spend the $500. At the time I couldn't think of anything. I had been too busy considering whether I would have to go back to my seat before going to the bathroom, lest everyone keep staring at me as I walked towards the loo.

One of the board members yelled "Donate it to (the organisation)". In a desparate attempt to get off stage I muttered a sarcastic, "Yeah, I'll donate it to (our organisation)".

My remark was met with a shocked silence from 250 people. I realised that everyone had taken me seriously.

I slinked back to my seat and just as I sat back down the executive director stood up and shouted, "Let the poor boy keep his money! He works almost seven days per week at Chungking Mansions".

I waited another five minutes before making my way to the bathroom hoping that I don't get a reputation for being the biggest suck up in the organisation.

As I sat on the toilet I realised that $500 would cover a dinner for two at the restaurant where my colleague performs.

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