Sunday, December 12, 2004


Before my fifteen minutes of newspaper fame had even faded we got a call from a HK television station who want to do a special report about asylum seekers in Hong Kong. The reporter sounds super sympathetic and they will come and interview my boss and I on Thursday, along with some disguised clients.

That's not the only thing happening this week. I leave for Sydney on Friday and every day between now and then is jam packed. Organised events include an organisation Christmas party (12 - 9:30pm Tuesday!), a Christmas party in our centre, pre-filming briefings on Wednesday and the filming on Thursday. I've also got several classes to teach plus planning meetings with uni students who are going to begin volunteer teaching next week. In between all that, there is a lot of work to finish and plenty of Christmas shopping to do.

At the same time I've reached a giddy level of excitement as I anticipate going back home for the first time in more than a year. Ironically, two of the things that I've been thinking about most are breathing cleaner air and driving.

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