Thursday, January 06, 2005


I've felt very appreciated since returning from Sydney. Clients at work have acted as though I'd been away from Hong Kong for two years rather than two weeks. Even the old lady who sells papaya in the market said she'd missed me!

I went to pay my rent yesterday and Ellen, my estate agent, also welcomed me back to Hong Kong. Since she was feeling so friendly I inquired about my lease which will finish at the end of this month. I told her that I didn't want to sign another year long contract and she said that I can leave anytime now as long as I give one month notice. The other good news is that the rent will stay the same - I had been a little worried by the talk of HK rent prices increasing lately.

I've also had a lot of comments about the couple of kilos that I put on in Australia. Even those who don't have so much English do a hand to mouth motion and say something like "Mummy house eating".

Walking out of Ellen's office I ran into her daughter Jessie in front of Daisy's store. Jessie said to Daisy that I have put on a lot of weight in Australia. Daisy disagreed but Jessie argued 'I should know because I've seen him at the swimming pool. He used to be so thin'. I didn't understand the next thing that she said but then Jessie pointed to my back and I heard the word 'Aliens' in English. Eww!

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