Saturday, January 15, 2005


As of today, my social life will blossom. Mostly thanks to an influx of imported friends.

DSD arrives from Singapore today en route to Beijing. She'll be leaving tomorrow and back again for next weekend. Three of us are even out to a cabaret show at the Fringe Club tonight!

By the time that DSD gets back next week one of my work colleagues will have started her bellydancing show at a restaurant in Central. Woohoo!

Friends of my grandparents also arrive today from Australia. They're staying at the Intercontinental for a week and we'll probably be out to do something touristy or at least go for dinner sometime during the week. If they like Indian food then I'm keen to go to a flashy restaurant in TST that has live music at nights. From what I've heard of them so far, I don't think Chungking is an option!

Chungking will be an option for dinner with Pip who arrives tomorrow for a six day holiday before moving to Cambodia. Since she left Hong Kong, our favourite restaurant 'The Khyber Mess Club' has gone down hill. I hope I get to a chance to show her my new favourite: 'Wakas Pakistani Mess Club'.

Also this week, Bee will arrive back in Hong Kong from the USA. And not just for a holiday either! Yay! I can't wait to run wild around Mong Kok again, just like the old days.

Next week on Wednesday my school friend Jen will fly in from Hainan Island on her way to Taiwan (and then back to work teaching German in Shanghai). Three days will barely be enough for all the reminiscing, not to mention catching up on years of gossip! On top of that, I'm curious to see if we still have similar taste in books, tv shows and everything else that matters!

And then mum gets here at the start of Feb. There are a lot of people already getting excited about her trip including clients from work and Daisy. I'll have a few days off over Chinese New Year and I'm really looking forward to enjoying the festivities.

And as if that's not enough, I'm planning a celebratory meal or two in the next few days. Two of our clients were accepted as refugees yesterday. Yippee! Both of them called me as soon as they got their news - I was very honoured.

Lucky I've started using a diary!

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