Friday, January 21, 2005

The visits begin

The first bit of DSD's 2 part trip to Hong Kong lasted from lunchtime Saturday to lunchtime Sunday. Despite the short time, we managed to cram a lot of activities in.

The cabaret show at the Fringe club was very entertaining. It was about a Chinese Australian guy and his blog. At one point, he was talking about wacky HK names and he mentioned that he had heard of someone called 'Because'. I'm sure he got that from my blog! How many Becauses can there be?

Speaking of HK names, I'm having a difficulty lately sorting out my Teddies and Terries. There are one of each at work right now and I consistently call each one the wrong name. I've also got another one of each in my mobile phone address book and I've mistakenly called the Terry in my mobile phone several times when trying to find out why my colleague is late to work again.

After DSD flew off to Beijing I gave a call to my grandparents' friends. They are staying at the Intercontinental Hotel and invited me to eat with them there on Tuesday. The seafood restaurant at the Intercontinental was very classy and incredibly expensive. They must have noted my shocked state while I perused the menu because one of them said, 'Don't look at the numbers, just look at the words'.

Anyway, we had a fantastic time. I was very interested to learn that the husband had spent a decade living in Belgian Congo about fifty years ago. He explained to me that he had the choice of living in Abyssinia or Belgian Congo. It took me a while to figure out that Abyssinia meant present day Ethiopia.

We talked for a long time about Congo before shifting to South America where the couple have taken many holidays. If anyone is going to Peru, their number one recommendation is going to the place where someone dressed as a monk dives 40 feet into the sea from a cliff.

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