Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Doing it all

I've surprised myself by really enjoying the new job. The pull of the Dark Side is strong.

It's clean, there are no cats and it's right opposite the Houses of Parliament. The best bit is that my student (just one at a time) stays after the lesson to make sure that he has copied everything off the board!

In my 'more rewarding' job I spent an hour and a half cleaning the classroom today before the students arrived. That's usual because it's always filthy.

Today was extra special, however, because sweet chilli sauce was all over the tables, chairs, floor and walls. I even wiped it off the heater. I guess there was a food fight when the young people's cooking class was on yesterday.

I always used to complain that the NGO I worked for in HK was 'so coorporate'. I'm starting to reevaluate.

I don't miss the forms. Particularly the 'Permission for item disposal' form which required the signatures of 6 people in different offices.

But (shock horror!) I have realised the value of time cards. I've stood outside until about 9:10am twice in the last couple of weeks, waiting for the first of my colleagues to arrive with keys.

Anyway, it's not all bad. My colleagues on the farm are lovely (if late and unclean) and my boss has been fantastic about letting me change my working times to suit the second job.

And the best bit? One of my students says 'God bless you' at the end of every class.

I guess I'll try and enjoy the best of both worlds, community organisation and corporate.

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